What you might hear:

♦ "Things will be better when I’m gone”

♦ "The pain will never stop unless I do something”

♦ “I just can’t take it anymore”

What you might see:

♦ Body language: Closed down, anxious

♦ Giving away prized possessions

♦ Sudden changes in sleeping/eating patterns

♦ Changes in work/school performance and attendance

♦ Self-destructive behavior

♦ Risk taking

♦ Withdrawal or isolation

♦ Angry outbursts

♦ Talking, writing, or art about death, dying, suicide

♦ Increased alcohol or drug use

♦ Feeling trapped

Whether you're worried about yourself or someone else, talk directly with someone. Call 1-800-273-Talk (1-800-273-8255), 24/7 for confidential, free help for you or someone you care about.
Ask him or her. "Are thinking about suicide?" "Are you thinking about hurting yourself?" Keep asking questions and support them. Click here for more info.
Listen to them, truly listen. Don't interrupt. Repeat back to them what they said in different words so they know you are hearing them.
  Don't judge.
Don't judge them, they are hurting and they need your help not your disapproval.